1. Services in General

This agreement is entered into by and between SKYBOX Inc. dba SKYBOX Checkout (hereinafter referred to as "SKYBOX" or “we”) and You (hereinafter referred to as "Customer"). While you may have been looking at merchandise on a retailer’s website (internet website, mobile app, tablet app, etc.), any purchases that you make through this checkout (SKYBOX Checkout) will be made from SKYBOX Checkout, as more fully described below. By visiting SKYBOX Checkout and/or placing an order for the purchase of merchandise from SKYBOX Checkout, you agree that such order for purchase (a “Purchase”) is bound by the terms & conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) set forth herein.

SKYBOX Checkout always provides the Customer the estimated full landed cost for their order including duties and taxes on a partner retailer’s website. The full landed cost is defined as the total price of a product once it has arrived at a buyer’s door. The full landed cost includes the price of the product, all transportation fees, customs, duties, taxes, insurance, currency conversion, handling, and payment fees. The SKYBOX Checkout service may be integrated directly into the shopping cart of the retailer or be hosted by SKYBOX checkout in a secure iframe.

If you select the full landed cost option at checkout (prepay duties and taxes), we guarantee our estimate and you will never be charged any additional fees for the delivery of your order. However, if you select to pay duties and taxes upon delivery, your local customs authorities may assess the duties, taxes, and clearance fees due differently and we, therefore, cannot guarantee that the amount you will be charged will match our estimation.

Duties and taxes, if they apply, are mandatory and are controlled by the government of the destination country. Altering or marking packages to appear as gifts to avoid duties and taxes is illegal and we will not engage in any alterations to the duties and tax calculation and charges by the governing country.

SKYBOX Checkout service includes the payment processing in local currency, coordination with the retailer to receive goods in the SKYBOX Checkout domestic hub in the United States, and screening, forwarding, and air shipment from MIA, NYC or LAX SKYBOX hubs, to the destination country of the Customer, including the local delivery to the address as identified in the "Cart Page" or any other address assigned by the Customer, including all actions required for customs clearance. The Customer will inform SKYBOX in writing (electronically) of the exact address where the merchandise should be delivered to, in the "Cart Page."

2. Payment and Costs

The Customer hereby authorizes SKYBOX to charge his/her credit card or payment method of choice selected at the Cart page for the expenses incurred by the services. The customer will have the option to pay in their local currencies or USD and this will be decided by the customer in the checkout process:

a) The product price for the goods on order as defined by the partner Retailer.

b) Freight expenses for shipment of items on order as established by SKYBOX Checkout rates in the shopping cart.

c) Import taxes and other taxes.

d) Expenses with local shipment to destination.

e) Insurance costs (the cost of insurance will be automatically included in the total order cost. SKYBOX offers damage and loss coverage to the objects and merchandise stored by and under control of SKYBOX, limited to US $1000. The SKYBOX responsibility is limited to its obligations for handling the packages in its domestic hub and for the courier services to the local destination, except when there is any applicable law or treaty. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that insurance policies taken out by SKYBOX will have limited coverage of as much as US $1000. The Customer becomes responsible for taking out insurance to cover values over US $1000. Also, the Customer shall be responsible for learning about non-insurable products; if any questions arise concerning product insurance, please, contact Customer Service. If the merchandise is delivered by SKYBOX incomplete or damaged the customer must file a claim within 48 hours at the time of delivery of the package and s/he has 30 days to send SKYBOX the necessary form for the claim.

f) The customer will have the option in the Country/Currency Selector to be charged in their local currency or USD. If the customer selects to be charged in USD SKYBOX Checkout is not responsible for any additional foreign transaction or currency conversion fees that may be levied by the customer’s financial institution. The order confirmation and invoice with the package will denote the final price in local currency or USD depending on what the customer selected at the time of purchase. If the customer needs to be refunded for any reason the refund amount will be calculated at the exchange rate at the time stamp of the original purchase.

g) For the safety of our customers SKYBOX may deem it necessary to request additional confidential information to process the purchase of your order such as:
* Copy of your ID Card or Passport.
* Copy of the last credit card statement.
* Hard copy of both sides of credit card.

h) SKYBOX is not responsible for the proper operation or compatibility of products purchased at a retailer. Any claims or concerns about product representation, operation, or compatibility should be directed to the retailer. If products are lost, SKYBOX will only be liable for the reimbursement of the amount indicated on the invoice. SKYBOX is not responsible for buying the same product or replacing the lost product with a new one.

3. Documents of charges and Costs

SKYBOX will make available to the Customer all documentation regarding charges and costs (fees and import taxes) which are the subject of charges on the invoice included with the shipment and the order confirmation (receipt) at time of online purchase.

4. Permit and Authorization

The Customer grants SKYBOX authorization to purchase directly with the partner retailer on their behalf. The Customer understands that SKYBOX Checkout is a third-party payment and logistics partner for the retailer. All charges to the customer’s payment method will appear as SKYBOX. By placing the order online you agree to the terms and conditions set forth by SKYBOX. The Customer grants permission and authorization for SKYBOX to perform the necessary procedures, such as filling out postal or customs forms with the purpose to forward merchandise to the final address as informed by the Customer on the cart page. Also, the Customer is committed to filling out or sign any document which becomes necessary to update or enhance said power. The Customer hereby states that SKYBOX shall not be deemed responsible for any claims against SKYBOX for the reception, handling, consolidation, and/or shipment of the order, except for cases in which SKYBOX has acted in a fraudulent or seriously neglectful way.

5. Customer Obligations Concerning Air Transportation


(i) The Customer shall become the responsible for all law infringements. The Customer hereby commits to accept the postal laws of his/her own home country and the United States of America (USA). The Customer hereby commits not to originate or otherwise participate in shipment, receipt, and air transportation of illegal or restricted substances or material such as drugs, money in cash, dangerous goods (explosives, inflammable, chemicals, firearms, living animals, perishables, plants and seeds, pornographic material, drugs of all kinds, etc.), or any other article which is forbidden by local customs authorities in the country of destination. The Customer is the sole responsibility for getting acquainted with all rules and restrictions before ordering shipments through SKYBOX. SKYBOX shall not be deemed responsible for merchandise loss due to customs seizure.

(ii) The Customer shall become the sole responsible for any law infringement incurred through the use of the SKYBOX service. SKYBOX reserves the right not to forward and refuse any object or merchandise which might potentially produce any kind of loss, damage, or penalty to SKYBOX. Some kinds of merchandise may require an export license. The Customer is responsible for providing and submitting to SKYBOX all required documents for such licensing. In case SKYBOX would not receive the documents and the license required to proceed with a given shipment, SKYBOX shall notify the Customer to provide them within five (5) days. In case the missing documents are not supplied within the due lead time, the goods will be retained and stored for 60 days. After 60 days, if no required documentation and/or information is provided, the merchandise will be subject to the procedure as outlined in Clause 2 herein.

(iii) Also, the Customer hereby authorizes SKYBOX to inspect, open, and repack every package which it will come to handle as part of this Agreement, and SKYBOX shall not be deemed responsible for any additional requirement as stated in the airway bill (AWB) or required by the US law.

b) FREIGHT COSTS: The charges are based on the dimensional weight of the merchandise except for The weight/volume rate rule will apply to some articles whose actual physical weight is greater than the volumetric weight.

c) Non-Commercial Use Intent and Compliance with Applicable Export, Import, and Sanctions Law(s). Merchandise available for Purchase from SKYBOX Checkout is intended for non-commercial use, and purchase of any merchandise for resale purposes is prohibited. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you are certifying that any items in an Order will not be re-exported, sold, or transferred in violation of any applicable laws.

6. Import Taxes and other Taxes

The Customer shall be responsible for providing the payment of all taxes and customs rights for the customs clearance of the freight/package at the country of destination. SKYBOX will provide all required procedures for the customs clearance of the products and will charge the Customer at the time of purchase online or, at its sole discretion, will submit a bill for the Customer to pay locally.

7. Delivery Service to Destination

SKYBOX will receive, screen, and forward to the Customer’s local address the products purchased on the retailer website. The customs charges and any other expenses incurred in the import of the goods shall be the responsibility of the Customer and will be charged by SKYBOX to his/her payment method, as outlined in Clause 2 herein.

8. Receipt and Delivery Guarantee

The shipments as mentioned herein shall have a transit time within an average lead time of 7-10 working days from their arrival date in the SKYBOX domestic USA hub, provided the required documentation is in compliance with all legal requirements and customs rules and with the conditions as set forth herein, and the international payment on order is valid. SKYBOX shall not be deemed responsible for delays caused by force majeure or problems beyond its own control such as difficulties with airlines, customs, or documentation. SKYBOX will try to deliver the merchandise to the final destination as determined by the Customer as many as three (3) times. After the third unsuccessful try, the product will be retained at our local facilities for a period of 60 days. After that time length, the package will be considered abandoned and will become the property of SKYBOX and may be scrapped.

9. Returns

SKYBOX Checkout’s default return policy is that we do not accept international returns. However, for certain Purchases, at our sole discretion, we may allow returns under certain terms and conditions (“Allowable Returns”). To find out if any merchandise that you may purchase or have purchased under a Purchase would fall under Allowable Returns, please see the Retailer’s website to see if an international returns policy (“International Returns Policy”) is listed. Please note that not all Retailers have an International Returns Policy and if they do not, then any reference to such a policy herein is irrelevant for your order.

Allowable Returns: If a retailer has an International Returns Policy listed, it shall take precedence over the previous paragraph. Although your order is with SKYBOX Checkout (and we are ultimately responsible for facilitating the delivery of the order to you and facilitating returns), we have contracted with the Retailer to have them act on our behalf to publish Allowable Returns (relevant to that Supplier’s merchandise) and to receive returns requests. Also, this means that if you want to return any merchandise that you have purchased, you must contact the relevant retailer for a returns authorization. If authorized by the retailer, under the International Returns Policy, either SKYBOX Checkout or the retailer will provide you with information regarding the return and instructions on where to ship your return parcel. If the retailer allows, in its sole discretion under the International Returns Policy, SKYBOX Checkout will reimburse you for any or all of the following, based on the amount that you actually paid: the original sales prices of the returned merchandise, duties, taxes, and any credits or debits. Unless otherwise stated in the International Returns Policy (or otherwise determined by the Retailer in its sole discretion), if merchandise is allowed to be returned hereunder, (a) you are responsible for all costs associated with returning the merchandise (including without limitation shipping costs, duties or taxes imposed for the return, or non-SKYBOX Checkout fees that may be levied or charged) and (b) if you are being reimbursed your original shipping costs (or some part of that) according to Retailer so deciding in its sole discretion, the International Returns Policy or under the relevant law, and you are only returning part of your order, we may only return those shipping costs (or part of those shipping costs) prorated for the merchandise being returned.

10. Denial of Responsibility for the Products

SKYBOX shall neither be deemed responsible for the products which are offered by retailers nor for possible delays in their shipment to the SKYBOX hub. SKYBOX will ship the products which are received at the assigned address on behalf of the Customer all the way to the shipping address as informed by the Customer in the "Cart Page," therefore providing solely the service of a courier.

11. Responsibility for Air Transportation

SKYBOX shall neither be deemed responsible for the products which are offered by US retailers nor for possible delays in their shipment to the SKYBOX hub. SKYBOX will ship the products which are received at the assigned address on behalf of the Customer all the way to the address as informed by the Customer in the "Cart Page," therefore providing solely the service of a courier.

12. Indemnity

The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold SKYBOX harmless, in case of any claim, loss, fine, tax or complaint for damages, brought by a third-party against SKYBOX as a result of the shipment to the CUSTOMER, so that SKYBOX will be held harmless.

13. Term

Except in case this Agreement is terminated before its effective date as set forth in Clause 15 herein, this Agreement shall remain valid for one year from the date of purchase.

14. Termination

This Agreement can be terminated by any of the parties, at any time, for any reason whatsoever, using written or electronic notice 24 hours after the online order confirmation is generated. The order may be canceled by the customer subject to a 15% restocking fee before leaving SKYBOX domestic hub. After the order has been shipped there is no possibility for cancelation and the order will need to be processed as a return if applicable based on the retailer’s terms and conditions of international returns. If a chargeback is detected in one of the credit cards of a client, this client will be automatically locked and therefore the agreement shall terminate. This client cannot open a new order without the written consent of SKYBOX. If a new order is detected without approval it will be automatically canceled.

15. Competence

This Agreement and its rights and obligations shall be governed and construed under the laws of the Miami-Dade County, State of Florida, United States of America. Should any disputes arise between the parties concerning the validity, effects, rights, breaches, and/or performance of this Agreement, which cannot be reconciled, they shall be settled by arbitrators named by the Customer and SKYBOX. Each party will select one arbitrator and they, in turn, will name a third arbitrator. In case there is no agreement regarding the name of the third arbitrator, procedures shall be followed according to the Arbitration Code of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and the arbitrators shall be duly certified by said Chamber and in the process matter. The Arbitration process will be governed by the ICC Code.

16. Competence

Service cancellations must be made directly by contacting SKYBOX Checkout customer service. In case you wish to submit any other document, notice, comment, suggestion, you can also use the website www.skyboxcheckout.com; for other purposes the SKYBOX address is:

SKYBOX Checkout
Attn: Customer Service
8601 NW 27th St.
Doral, FL 33122
Telephone: 786-265-4800
Fax: 786-265-9406

GDPR Terms & Conditions

SKYBOX Data Privacy Policy

SKYBOX Inc. dba SKYBOX Checkout hereinafter referred to as “SKYBOX”, acknowledges the importance of Data Protection, and takes the responsibility to protect the customer’s data, and limit its usages within the agreement under which the data has been shared with SKYBOX.

The data protection policy of SKYBOX enforces that the data once shared with SKYBOX is not used for any marketing purposes, and is not exposed to any external parties or business partners across the world unless prior consent of the customer is given

Below are the details of what data is received and saved by SKYBOX to fulfill SKYBOX CHECKOUT’s courier services of pickup and/or delivery of the shipments.

What Information does SKYBOX Hold?

As a courier company, receive the customer’s information for pickup or delivery of the customer’s shipments. SKYBOX collects the following information: Name, Address, Telephone number (Fixed Line), Mobile Number, Email address, and signature at the time of delivery (optional).

Data Usage

SKYBOX only collects, processes and utilizes personal data to the extent, which it is necessary to establish, maintain and terminate a contractual relationship, which was established to supply pick-up and/or delivery services to the customer.

It is SKYBOX’s legitimate interest to process personal data to improve our service, answer questions, and handle claims and complaints.

Data Protection

SKYBOX’s Data Protection Policy ensures that we take adequate technical measures to protect the customer’s personal data from exposure to any external entity, theft, or misuse. The data shared with SKYBOX is always saved in an internal operating environment that is not publically accessible. The data shared on the SKYBOX website and shopping cart form www.skyboxcheckout.com is encrypted by Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Data Retention and Destruction

SKYBOX saves the personal information shared by the customer for a period of 10 years, after which the data is destroyed using proper data destruction tools.

Subject Access Request (SAR)

SKYBOX acknowledges the importance of the rights of a person to be forgotten, therefore we accept Subject Access Requests, in case you want to know what information SKYBOX holds about you, and/or you want that information to be amended or destroyed from the SKYBOX system.

To initiate a request to access, amend or erase your details in the SKYBOX system please fill out the form below, and send an email to the following email address compliance@skyboxcheckout.net along with a scanned copy of any of the following valid documents (driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate).

Important Notices

  • Subject Access Requests can only be initiated by the Subject (Person). Any Subject Access Requests received from a third party will not be entertained. SKYBOX will verify the request details (Email, Telephone, and Address) before processing the request.
  • The details will only be shared to the provided email address in a standard format, depending upon the type of request initiated by the Subject.
  • The processing time for the Subject Access Request may take a maximum of 40 days, although SKYBOX will try to utilize its resources to complete the request earlier.
  • The Details collected in the below form will only be used by SKYBOX for GDPR Subject Access Request, and will not be shared with any external parties.

Subject Access Request Form (GDPR)

Personal Details

The details below must be duly filled by the Information owner, any request found to be initiated by a third party who does not own the requested information will not be processed.

Particular Details Remarks
Full Name None Should be the same as available on the legal ID provided in the email attachment.
Email Address To be filled by the customer  
Telephone Number To be filled by the customer (Fixed Line)
Mobile Number To be filled by the customer Cuts vertical padding in half, from 8px to 4px, within all td and th elements
Address To be filled by the customer (must be including the country code)
Request Type To be filled by the customer Please write only one of these Access/Amend/Erase
Reference Number To be filled by the customer Please provide any Reference number like Shipment Number

Request Details

Please write some details about your request in the field below.

Important Notes:

  • Please fill the details in the above form and email the same to compliance@skyboxcheckout.net along with a scanned copy of any of the following valid documents (driving license, birth certificate, passport, marriage certificate).
  • SKYBOX will review your request, and will take necessary actions as per the type of request within a maximum of 40 days after the request has been initiated.